Wednesday, April 1, 2009

98. Introduce the 101/1001 idea to 20 people (6/20)

So far I have told & my thoughts on their reaction.
  1. Hubby-supportive, but not interested in doing it
  2. Son-supportive & thinking about doing it. We shall see.
  3. Daughter-likes the idea. She's just 12.
  4. Yosefa-she remarked how long it was
  5. Opal-supportive, says she needs to do one
  6. May-supportive
  7. Stacie-04/11/09
  8. Tietra-04/08/09
  9. Tanzi- 04/08/09


Sapphire said...

You didn't tell me about it ;)

cyn_de said...

That is such a great and inspiring list!!! I love it!!! I should make a list like that. Also...if I lived closer I would totally help you accomplish some of your goals. :-)