Saturday, April 4, 2009

14. Raise at least $100 for Climb Atlanta ($200/$100)

I really thought this would be easy, but I learned it isn't. I mean I just want peopel to give a few bucks each. I have posted a bunch of requests in Facebook and on April 3rd I sent out an email. Maybe I can get the donations that way.
Belben, Lisa 20.00
Bradley, Clarence 25.00
Bradley, Stormy 5.00
Caridad, Aliana 5.00
Anonymous Pledge 10.00
Davy, Selena 15.00
Green, Skyler 10.00
Refkin, Monique 20.00
Singleton, Uchefuna 20.00
Stokes, Yosefa 10.00
Tillman, Janice 10.00
Wentz, Michelle 50.00

1 comment:

Sapphire said...

Keep trying...I would love to donate, but with no income just can't swing it. As soon as we get a paycheck I'll hook you up.