Friday, July 10, 2009

17. Complete C25k plan

I did this. Yay me. It took me longer than I had anticipated. I now know that I ca run for 30 minutes straight.

I may fall off the running wagon, but I can do it.

Check this out:

prec25k weight 216.6#
C25k Start Date 4/21/2009
Week 1 miles 8.05
Week 2 Miles 8.79
Week 3 Miles 7.52
Week 4 Miles 8.24
Week 5 Miles 5.89
Week 6 Miles 7.18
Week 7 Miles 5.3
Week 8 Miles 1.09
Week 9 Miles 3.28
Total miles 55.34
Post c25k Weight 211#

That data makes me feel very proud of myelf.
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1 comment:

EbonyRenee said...

I am so proud of you!!!

I really need to do this! I HATE running. Is C25K a dvd, or just some onliine instructions?